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Cold Drinks, Sundaes & Desserts


Delicious and freshly made.

  Large Kids
Strawberry & Banana £4.45 £2.65
Fruits of the Forest £4.45 £2.65
Go Faster Smoothie £4.45 £2.65
Strawberries, Mango & Apple £4.45 £2.65
24 Carrot Gold: £4.45 £2.465
(carrot, sweet potato, ginger, mandarin and lemon zest) 
Tropical Delight: £4.45 £2.65
(banana, pineapple & coconut)
Blueberry Thrill: £4.45 £2.65
(milk choice, blueberry, bananas & oats)
Detox Zing: £4.45 £2.65
(ginger, courgette, carrot, blueberry & banana)
Avocuddle: £4.45 £2.465
(avocado, broccoli, spinach, mango, coconut & ginger)


Fresh milk, ice-cream, with cream & syrup.

  Large Kids
Mint £3.95 £2.45
Mint & Chocolate £3.95 £2.45
Strawberry £3.95 £2.45
Chocolate £3.95 £2.45
Chocolate & Banana £3.95 £2.45
Vanilla £3.95 £2.45
Banana £3.95 £2.45
Caramel £3.95 £2.45
Oreo £3.95 £2.45

Ice Cream Floats...oh yesss!

Coca Cola Float £3.75
(Coke with scoop of vanilla ice cream)
Snow White £3.75
(lemonade with scoop of vanilla ice cream)
Cream Soda Float £3.75
(cream soda with scoop of vanilla ice cream)

Ice Cream Sundaes

The Orea Sundae £5.95

A bed of scrumptious crumbled Orea cookies, covered with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, topped with luxury chocolate sauce and served with a fan wafer.

Fruits of the Forest £5.95

Gently warmed Fruits of the Forest drizzled over soft vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream and raspberry sauce....ohhh yes!

Sundae Knight £5.95

Mouthwatering chocolate ice cream, and vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream, drizzled in mint syrup and crowned with an After Eight mint chocolate.

Hemingways Strawberry Glory £5.95

Scoops of strawberry ice cream, laid on a bed of crumbled meringue, loaded with whipped cream and drizzled in strawberry sauce and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands...can't you just taste it now?

Espresso Sundae £5.95

Some like it hot! Vanilla Ice Cream layered with choc powder sprinkles, chocolate and caramel sauce and a fresh hot espresso shot poured over the top.

Hemingways Banoffee Split £5.95

Take a fresh whole banana, smother it in soft vanilla ice cream, liberally apply choc sprinkles, and top with whipped cream and toffee syrup...voila!

Chocolate Sundae £5.95

Chocolate ice cream, chopped walnuts, smothered in whipped cream, choc sprinkles, drizzled with chocolate syrup and a Ferrero Rocher chocolate nestled on the top for good measure!


Bottle Soft Drinks

Coke £1.95
Lemonade £1.95
Diet Coke £1.95
Still Mineral £1.65
Sparkling Mineral £2.00
Orangina £1.95
Fentiman's Victorian Lemonade £2.45
Fentiman's Ginger Beer £2.45
Fentiman's Rose Lemonade £2.45
Orange & Passionfruit J20 £1.95
Apple & Watermelon J20 Spritz £1.95
Pear & Raspberry J20 Spritz £1.95
Bottle Green Cox's Apple £2.25
Bottle Green Pomegranate & Elderflower £2.25
Bottle Green Elderflower £2.25
Frobisher's Orange Presse £2.40
Frobisher's Apple Presse £2.40
Orange Juice (small carton) £1.50
Apple Juice (small carton) £1.50

Cold Press Juices

Sumptuous Roots: £2.80
(beetroot, carrot, lemon, apple & ginger)
Robust Greens: £2.80
(celery, cucumber, spinach, pear, pineapple, lettuce)

Iced Teas

Lemon Ice Tea £2.40
Peach Ice Tea £2.40
Mango Ice Team £2.40
Raspberry Ice Tea £2.40

Iced Coffee

Coffee blended with ice cream, fresh milk plus whipped cream...mmmmm!

Iced Latte (made with ice cream) £3.75
Iced Mocha Latte "chocolate coffee" £3.75
Iced Nescafe Frappe (Greek style!) £3.75
Add a syrup shot (caramel/vanilla etc) +35p
"Add a Shot" Baileys/whiskey/Kalhua/rum +£2.75

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