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Hot Drinks & Cakes

Coffees 100% Arabica Beans

Available semi skimmed, skimmed and/or decaf.
Soya, almond, oat or coconut "milk" all available for +35p.

Coffee Small Medium Large
Espresso £1.80   £2.10
Americano £2.20 £2.30  £2.40 
Cappuccino £2.35 £2.45  £2.65 
Latte £2.35  £2.45  £2.65 
Mocha £2.45  £2.55  £2.75
Flat White £2.65     
Macchiato Sgl £2.45  Dbl £2.65   
Affogato £3.45 (dbl espresso shot poured on a scoop of vanilla ice cream) 
Syrups 35p per shot all sizes  
Extra coffee shot 35p per shot all sizes  
Babycino £1.00    

Delicious Hot Chocolate

Served with a sprinkling of fresh chocolate.

  Small Medium Large
Hot Chocolate £2.35 £2.45 £2.55
Child's Beaker £1.75 £2.10  £2.25 
Marshmallows 35p 35p 35p
Whipped Cream 35p 35p  35p 
"Fully Loaded" 70p  70p 70p

Cream Teas

A wonderful British favourite. A pot of tea served with two scrumptious warmed scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam.

Cream tea for one £5.95
Cream team for two £9.95

Delicious Homemade Cakes

Our range of homemade cakes is a year through favourite but changes on a week to week basis to keep you on your toes! Have a look at the display and you won't be disappointed. Freshly made by Sue and soon to be eater by you!

All cakes per slice £3.50
All tray bakes per slice £2.35


Wonderfully fragrant and subtle teas to suit all palates.

Tea £2.00
English Breakfast £2.20
Decaffeinated £2.20
Redbush £2.20
Assam £2.20
Darjeeling £2.20
Lapsang Souchong £2.20
Camomile £2.20
Earl Grey £2.20
Lady Grey £2.20
Ginger & Lime £2.20
Lemon & Ginger £2.20
Strawberry & Raspberry £2.20
Three Mint £2.20
Peppermint £2.20
Liquorice £2.20
White Tea £2.20
Green Tea £2.20
Three Berry £2.20
Three Ginger £2.20
Fresh Mint £2.20
Wild Berry £2.20
Red Fruits with Aronia Berry £2.20
Camomile & Honey £2.20
Nettle Infusion £2.20
Fennel £2.20
Blueberry & Apple £2.20
Cranberry & Sanguinello Orange £2.20
Chai Latte £2.55

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