Sandwiches & Old Favourites


On white, brown or granary, and served with salad garnish and crisps. All freshly made to order.

Mature cheddar cheese & red onion
Mature cheddar cheese & pickle
Mature cheddar cheese & tomato
Philadelphia, watercress & cucumber
Stilton, apple & walnut
BLT (with warmed bacon)
Coronation chicken
Tuna mayo
Tuna flakes & salad
Tuna flakes & cucumber
Prawn cocktail & watercress
Philadelphia, bacon & tomato
Egg mayonnaise & watercress
Breast of chicken, lettuce & mayo
Honey roast ham & tomato
Honey roast ham & cheese
Honey roast ham & salad
Roast beef & horseradish
Roast beef & mustard
Roast beef & watercress
Smoked salmon, cucumber & dill

Children's Sandwiches

Served with crisps.

Children's cheese
Children's ham
Children's cheese & ham
Strawberry Jam
Peanut butter
Peanut butter & jelly!
Nutella Chocolate Spread

All Day Breakfasts

Bacon bap or sandwich
Sausage bap or sandwich
Bacon & sausage bap or sandwich
Pancakes with bacon & maple syrup
Beans on toast
Porridge with honey
Porridge with maple syrup
Porridge with banana
Porridge with golden syrup
Porridge with fruits of the forest
Porridge with strawberry jam
Sweet Pancakes
Pancakes with sugar & lemon
Pancakes with maple syrup
Pancakes with lemon & honey
Pancakes with honey & banana
Pancakes with Nutella & banana
Pancakes with banana & toffee sauce
Pancakes with hot fruits & vanilla ice cream
Pancakes with stewed apples, currants & cinnamon


Popular all day of course!

Toasted tea cake
Crumpet with butter
Croissant with butter & jam
Vegan Croissant (dairy-free butter)
Almond Croissant
Ham & cheese croissant
Toast (2 slices with butter & jam/marmalade)
Toast (2 slices with butter & Marmite)
Gluten-free toast (2 slices with butter & jam/marmalade)
Gluten-free toast (2 slices with butter & Marmite)

Soup of the Day

Served with warmed ciabatta bread. All freshly made and absolutely delicious. Ask for details of today's soup or ask for a won't be disappointed.

Soup with warmed ciabatta bread

Jacket Potatoes

Served with side salad garnish.

Just butter
Cheese & beans
Tuna flakes & mayo
Tuna & cheese
Prawn cocktail
Bacon, brie & cranberry
Coronation chicken
Smoked salmon & Philly cheese
Stilton, bacon & tomato