Hemingways has a baby sister!

Hemingways is delighted to announce the birth of its sister company Galerie du Monde which has opened just further down the High Street at No. 4 (in between the old Barclays Bank building and Objet d'Art). Galerie du Monde is an art gallery selling contemporary artwork gathered from around the world, including African, Moroccan, Australian Aboriginal, and European art.

The gallery opened its doors on 16th January 2019 and has added some eye-popping colour to Haslemere High Street. It also sells amazing designer furniture, has a fully fitted framing studio above, and is opening a sculpture garden behind the gallery later this year.

For more information please visit the website galeriedumonde.co.uk. Here you can see all the artwork exhibited in the gallery (and more) and join our mailing list to receive our monthly newsletter keeping you informed of future developments at the gallery and future exhibitions and events. Please click on the link to enter a whole new exciting world of art and furniture!